White Nose Syndrome Rapid Response Fund
Application Guidelines

Fund Purpose: To initiate or continue field and laboratory research of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) in bats, promote effective management of caves, and promote WNS education especially where other funding is not readily available and would result in research not occurring.

Application Method: Due to the nature of the fund, applications may be submitted at any time. An electronic version should be sent to wnsliaison@caves.org. Copies of any institutionally-required forms/contracts should be submitted at the same time in order to facilitate as quick a response as possible. A copy of a pending grant application to another granting agency may be acceptable if the RR Fund managers determine that exigencies such as timeliness or scope of work merit acceptance on this basis. Important: please let us know how and to whom to write the check.

A written application may also be submitted directly to the NSS WNS Liaison:

Jennifer Foote
P.O. Box 9020
Santa Fe NM 87504

Review Method: Fund managers will certify that the proposed research meets the purposes of the Rapid Response Fund, and will be of merit to coordinated WNS research, consistent evolving consensus research priorities, by inquiring with appropriate agencies, individuals, or institutions through the NSS WNS Liaison. A brief statement of finding (certification) shall accompany the instruction for dispersal.

Grant Awards: Upon certification by the fund managers, the NSS will be notified to disperse funds to designated researchers. Within two weeks of receiving such notification, the NSS Research Authorization Committee shall act to disperse funds for the research project.

Limits/Restrictions: Grants will be awarded within available funding. No grants in anticipation of receipts may be given. Grant funds must be spent directly on field expenses, laboratory expenses, supplies or equipment directly related to conducting research in the proposal. Personnel costs are allowable. Indirect costs, attendance at conferences, and costs incurred in the preparation of an application are prohibited expenses.

Accounting: In order to be as easy and direct a process as possible, grants will be awarded “up front,” rather than on a reimbursement basis. However, an itemized accounting of expenses will be required monthly during active projects and upon project completion, sent to the WNS Liaison.

Sharing of Findings and Relevant Field Data: Findings and field data are to be shared freely with agencies, institutions and other individuals participating in WNS research or field operations, and the general public. An activities update of these findings and data, other salient observations, conclusions, problems or challenges, will be sent to the WNS Liaison during active projects no less than each 60 days, and upon project completion.

Research Points: All applications should include the following:

Proposal Summary: In a paragraph or two, concisely describe the proposed research project.

Scope of Work:
Describe the specific aspects or aspects of the White Nose Syndrome you are proposing to address.

· Why is this project important at this time? What is the urgency for application to the Rapid Response Fund? Please inform us of others to whom you are applying for funding for this project and the likelihood of success.
· What is the importance of this proposed research?
· What are the specific research goals?
· What are your hypotheses and predictions?
· Describe in detail the research protocols you will be using.
· Please include a list of any literature cited.
· If any NSS-owned, or cave conservancy-owned or managed sites are proposed to be used for the research, please highlight.

Impact: Please describe what impact you believe this research will have on White Nose Syndrome, and any broader impacts or applications you believe it might have.

Timeline: Include a timeline for the project, including a brief description of activities during each period.

Personnel: Please include a list of the principle investigator(s), with contact information and affiliations, and all other personnel (or positions if not specifically known) associated with the project. Briefly identify who will carry out specific project activities. The NSS encourages the use of its caver members in research projects. Please describe any inclusion of cavers in project activities as appropriate.

Project Budget: Include a project budget, including the amount requested from the NSS Rapid Response Fund, identifying where requested funds will be applied. Please also discuss whether or not a lesser award would be acceptable.

Questions: Please address questions to the NSS WNS Liaison at wnsliaison@caves.org. The NSS wants to make this as easy and quick a process as possible in order to have the most impact on White Nose Syndrome, while still ensuring appropriateness of the research, and accountability to fund donors and the Society.