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Latest HQ Updates:

February 2013

(DEH) We had various meetings with local building officials and design team meetings. Worked with roofing contractor to complete the plan and action for the roof work so everything will be ready when we start Phase 1 of the building plans. Phase 1 is a complete new TPO rubber type roof. Two squirrels were playing or using the refrigeration piping for chin-ups and broke three wall supports. We placed the piping back where it was supposed to be and re-supported the lines. Completed various maintenace work throughout the building.

(MH) Friday February 22, 2013 - I mobilized back down to Huntsville for another weekend of deconstruction. It always seems to be horrible weather when I’m ready to leave the mountain. This time is was pea soup fog which stayed with me until I started dropping off the mountain in Sewanee. I made to Huntsville by 7:30 and walked in an NSS move planning meeting. I sat in for a while and finally decided it was time to make camp for the night.

Saturday February 23, 2013 - The NSS Headquarters commission held a scheduled meeting in the planning room while 10 of us proceeded to deconstruct the future library/media area. We began by removing the suspended ceiling in both of these rooms. I disconnected the power to all of the outlets so they could be removed for next week’s demolition. Tony Amundson began disconnecting the plumbing from the front office area so we could complete the demolition in that area next weekend. Woody completed the ceiling removal from the old bingo office off of the banquet hall, which will be incorporated into the future reception area. We finished off by removing the remaining suspended ceiling in the hallway adjacent to the back 5 and the lighting from the hallway adjacent to the media area. In all there were seven of us from 2 grottos and we were able to get the area ready for next weekend’s demolition. Richard Woods,Sewanee Mtn Grotto; Maureen Handler,Sewanee Mtn Grotto; Tony Amundson,Huntsville Grotto; Tricia Spiliotis, Huntsville Grotto; Larry Foreman, Huntsville Grotto; Steve Coleman, Huntsville Grotto; and Audrey Coleman,Huntsville Grotto

Sunday, February 24, 2013 - Woody & I spent the morning cleaning up our work area and loading up the rest of the scrap metal for our recycling run. We put up all the tools, sorted and stacked the salvage materials and swept up our mess before heading back to the Tennessee mountains. Richard Woods,Sewanee Mtn Grotto; and Maureen Handler, Sewanee Mtn Grotto

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