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Latest HQ Updates:

May 2013

(DH)Worked with Architect on building design. Met with Fire Marshall and City Officials. Dave Luckins found a great deal! We have been looking for library shelving and he found some in St. Louis. A new-to-us "space saver" shelving system was just purchased for the National Speleological Society (NSS) Headquarters library. This 3,300 linear-foot system will come to us from a large law office in Kansas City, MO, and was paid for with a very generous, anonymous donation. This will TRIPLE our existing library capacity, allowing us to properly store our collection so that you can easily access it while researching your next project. The library will be visible from the Society Corridor behind glass walls, and will certainly be a showcase item in the building!

Your membership dues DO NOT contribute to the Headquarters project-- this is an entirely different fund. And, we don't have a designated fund for Headquarters furniture. If you would like to contribute funds for the purchase of furniture for the new Headquarters, please email

Volunteer jobs have been posted. Check them out. There is a link at the bottom of this page. Thank you volunteers!

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