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Latest HQ Updates:

March 2014

The deconstruction phase of the new NSS headquarters renovation project has been completed, thanks to hundreds of volunteer hours and your generous donations. What a terrific milestone! Now, we're ready for the construction phase, and need some items to get us going. Can you help us obtain the following items as donations, below cost, or at cost? (Can you do some networking? Do you work for a manufacturer or own a business that could help supply these products? Do you have other ideas for us?) Please email Headquarters Commission Chairman Dave Haun at if you can help!

We need:
  • ceiling diffusers and grilles
  • light fixtures
  • electrical items (panel boards, disconnect switches, breakers, receptacles, wiring, conduit)
  • plumbing items (sinks, grease traps, faucets)
  • acoustical ceiling tile
  • suspended ceiling grid
  • carpet
  • windows
  • doors
  • door hardware

Remember, you are always invited to join a great group of NSS members on our volunteer work weekends -- come to Huntsville and flex your muscles and ingenuity, and join the fun! The 2014 NSS Convention will be held onsite, so we're working hard to have the building and site ready by July. Scheduled work dates are: March 8 - 9; March 15 - 16; March 22 - 23; April 5 - 6; April 19 - 20; April 26 - 27; May 3 - 4; May 17 - 18; May 24 - 26 (Memorial Day Weekend); May 31 - June 1 (Sera Summer Cave Carnival held onsite).

Last but certainly not least, please consider supporting your new headquarters with a donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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Volunteer jobs have been posted. Check them out. There is a link at the bottom of this page. More news to be posted....

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