Policy: How to Become an NCRC Instructor

Feb 20, 2010


Summary of Instructor Qualification Process

1.    Successfully complete NCRC Levels 1, 2 and 3

2.    Submit application to Education Board, including resume and letter of support from Regional Coordinator

3.    Be accepted as Instructor Candidate

4.    Successfully complete Instructor Qualification course, passing all exit tests

5.    Apprentice teach under experienced instructor(s), and receive favorable evaluations

6.    Be awarded Instructor Certification following review by Education Board

7.    Hold and maintain membership in the National Speleological Society


The NCRC encourages persons skilled in aspects of cave rescue to apply for Instructor Qualification. Applications must be made, in writing, to the NCRC Education Board via its Database Manager.


To be considered, applicants must have successfully completed NCRC Levels 1, 2 and 3. The last class must have been completed no longer than 4 years prior to application for the IQ class. Applicants must submit a detailed resume (including information on certifications, other classes completed, caving experience, rescue experience, medical qualifications, etc.) and a letter of support from a regional coordinator (preferably from their own region).


The Education Committee will review applications at one of its regularly scheduled meetings, consider information in the student's NCRC files (including exams and skills evaluations), and identify the top applicants for entry into the IQ program. Only those applicants deemed likely to become excellent instructors will be accepted into the IQ class. IQ classes will be offered at most NCRC national seminars.


Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to gain additional experience and reapply.


The Instructor Qualification class is not a “fourth level” of NCRC training, but rather an opportunity for NCRC to hone the skills of potential instructors and build their knowledge of NCRC curricula. It focuses on the teaching techniques most effective in NCRC classes, including classroom delivery of NCRC curricula, demonstration of NCRC cave rescue techniques, field site selection, implementation of NCRC field lesson plans, planning of mock rescues, etc.


Instructor candidates must successfully pass written and practical exit exams during the IQ class prior to being considered for Instructor certification. Candidates are expected to demonstrate sound teaching skills and a thorough knowledge of NCRC curricula and policies by the conclusion of the IQ class.


Successful graduates of the IQ class will apprentice teach for a maximum of three years, under experienced instructors, prior to becoming being granted full instructor status. Once they have received favorable evaluations from at least two experienced instructors (as assigned by the NCRC Training Coordinator), the candidate can be reviewed by the NCRC Education Board for certification as an NCRC instructor.


[Note that existing policy requires all NCRC instructors to maintain NSS membership.]


This policy is in accordance with actions of the NCRC Board of Regional Coordinators, February 12, 2005. Editorial modifications made February 20, 2010.