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Cave Rescue, July 15, 1989

Rehoboth Church Cave


On Sundy, July 15, two cavers entered Rehoboth Church Cave in eastern Monroe County, West Virginia. These were a man and a boy, with hand-held lights, wearing tee-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes. They visited the Long Room, but became lost when they tried to retrace their steps. They wandered until they reached the top of a breakdown pile only a few hundred feet from the entrance. Here their lights failed so they sat down to await a rescue.

At 8 p.m. relatives of the lost pair called the Union Volunteer Fire Department, who in turn called two local cavers. They arrived at the cave at 9 p.m. and found the victims a short time after entering. They were shaken but unhurt and were escorted out.


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Jim Tompkins "Rescue at Rehoboth Church Cave" The West Virginia Caver 7(5) Oct. 1989, p 5.


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