Cave Rescue, Fall, 1990
Organ Cave, WV


On a trip to Organ Cave, West Virginia, cavers Raymond Sira and Sandy Knapp were attempting to follow a map to get to the Sarver Room via the Octupus Passage when the crawl they were in broke into a large room with a 20-foot drop to the floor. When Sira, in the lead, emerged from the tight crawl, he had to chimney out with his arms; when he swung his body out, there were no footholds and he fell the 20 feet. He landed on his feet, twisting and ankle and bruising his back. He was able to exit under his own power without too much dificulty.


NSS News, December 1990 (Part 2) V4N13, Page 347.

Raymond Sira, Speleothems (Northern New Jersey Grotto), Fall 1990.


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