Cave Rescue, January, 1992
Smith Cave, PA


In January a group of four visited Smith Cave, Blair County, Pennsylvania. The 2-1/2 foot entrance, the top of a 50-foot pit, had been covered by a sheet metal and several inches of leaves had accumulated. The debris was removed and the sheet set aside; debris was also removed from a several-foot radius around the pit, including a few loose rocks. They descended without incident.

On leaving one went up, signalled "off rope" and left to search the hillside for other caves. About 15 minutes later, Steve Shimayzki (19) started up. He was only a few feet up when a rock fell, hitting squarely on his helmet, a Petzl Ecrin. The trip continued without further incident. Later inspection showed that a quarterinch sized chip had been removed from the helmet.


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No analysis has been done.