Cave Rescue, February 13, 1993
J-4 Cave, PA


On Saturday, February 13, a group of four cavers visited J-4 Cave in Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania. When they reached the Formation Climb they encountered a group of four spelunkers who claimed to have brought two cases of beer, much of which they had already consumed, by count of the empties already found by the cavers. One of the cavers lectured one of the intoxicated spelunkers on the virtues of the helmet and was informed that the latter was a better climber than all the cavers put together and didn't need one.

The spelunkers headed for the entrance -- the cavers almost immediately heard the sound of a fall and the spelunkers calling for an EMT. One of the cavers was indeed an EMT and reluctantly offered his help. The spelunker was bleeding but not really injured. He was treated and left the cave without further incident.


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John Walkters "Two Trip to J-4" Nittany Grotto News 40:2 p 11.


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