Cave Rescue, February 28, 1993
Greises Cave, MD


On Sunday, February 28, three teenage spelunkers entered Greises Cave near Cumberland in Alleghany County, Maryland. the cave is on the property of the Cumberland Bowhunters and the boys did not have permission. They proceeded 300 feet to the back of the cave which ends in a 25-foot pit. A small stream cascades into the pit creating wet, muddy conditions on the walls and floor.

They rigged a layed-nylon rope and descended the pit. The spelunkers had no vertical gear and, when they tried to exit, found it difficult to ascend hand-over-hand. One boy did make it up and left to call for help from the Bowhunters' Clubhouse. Allegany County Civil Defense called the Bowmans Addition Fire and Rescue Company and put cavers from Western Maryland Grotto, NSS on standby. The cavers were soon requested and responded. At about 9:45 p.m. a cable ladder was rigged at the pit and the trapped boys were able to ascend. The entrapment time was only a little over an hour.


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