Cave Rescue, March 25, 1978
Nutt Cave, WV


On March 25 a group of six to eight cavers led by Bruce Randall entered Nutt Cave, West Virginia. On the way in they met a group from a college outing club being led by a couple of NSS cavers. Randall's group proceeded in while the others headed out. About 30 minutes later they reached the back room. Soon a part of the outing club group arrived thinking they were headed out. Randall speculates that their leaders had exited the Register Room (the exit is obscure) with this part of the group not observing the way and later taking a different route. Randal took them back to the Register Room, through the proper exit and headed them out.


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This is a minor incident where inexperienced cavers were separated from their experienced leaders. One could speculate that difficulties from hypothermia and loss of light could have occurred had Randall's group not been present.