Cave Rescue, April 8, 1990
Bear Cave, PA


Shortly after 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 8, a group of two, Van morrow (26) and James Holland (24), entered Bear Cave in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. They had registered to explore the cave at a parking lot at the home of the owner of the cave. For the exploration they brought two flashlights -- at the entrance one proved to have a bad bulb, so they left it behind.

They pushed into the maze-like cave doing a stream crawl that soaked their clothes. When the light went dim, they tried to retrace their route, getting back through the stream crawl to a room called the Serpent's Sanctum. Confused by crawlways beyond this point, they stopped to wait for help.

When they failed to return that evening, Morrow's wife called authorities and both public agencies and cave rescuers responded. The stranded cavers were found around midnight and led from the cave. The batteries from the flashlight left at the entrance probably would have gotten them out.


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