Cave Rescue, April 25, 1986
Melville's Mudhole Cave, PA


At about 9 a.m. on Friday morning, April 25, a group of six high school students entered Melville'sMudhole in Snyder County, Pennsylvania.Three stayedat the ledge just inside the cave while their companions Paul Neitz (16), Wayne Haines (17), and Bob Brobeck (16) descended hand-over-hand into a 25 foot pit, landing in knee-deep mud. During this use, the rope became muddy and they were unable to climb up.

Their compaions tried tying knots, then loops in the rope to aid their friends; after three hours Haines and Neitz were able to get up. At 1:30 p.m., they went for help for Brobeck.

The Shanokin Dam Fire Department responded andused a 1:1 direct hauling system to retrieve Brobeck.


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They had only flashlights and an old manilla rope. Since they were cutting classes to cave explore, they left no word of their destination. Luckily only three descended. Probably a lot of cavers have done something like this early in their careers.