Cave Rescue, April 27, 1991
Organ Cave, WV


On Monday, May 27, a large group of about a dozen girl scouts and several adult leaders entered Organ Cave in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, via the Lipps Entrance. In the cave they split into smaller parties.

An hour later three cavers from Richmond entered and used compass, maps, and flagging tape to find and mark their way.

One of the scout groups decided to exit and found the trail of flagging and followed it. In the Lipps Maze area they lost it and became confused. They passed within feet of the obscure connection to the final passage out but failed to notice it. They decided to wait where they were. Two hours later the Richmond cavers came upon them, shivering but going some warmth from trash bags, space blankets and candles. As they were led toward the entrance, they met another portion of the scout group, coming back in to look for their companions; a deadline for exiting had been prearranged.


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The lost cavers had never been in the cave before and had no orientation with the maps before the trip. If not for the flagging they would have undoubtedly been lost in a more remote part of the cave. Fortunately they did have some survival equipment.