Cave Rescue, May 23, 1987
Lowe's Cave, VA


On Saturday evening, May 23, six cavers entered Lowe's Cave, Washington County, Virginia. This required descent of a "45 foot compound scree slope," 18 feet to a ledge, then a 25 foot slope curving to the left. They caved for some time.

As they started back from the end, Jeanie London started feeling cold and her "vision started to blur." At the pit (about 4 a.m.), she felt "very weak and cold" and was unable to climb out. Cavers on the surface were alerted and a hauling system rigging was begun. Meanwhile warm clothes, food and drinks were brought to the victim. At 7 a.m. London was hauled up the pit.


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Your energy level will usually be lowest in the wee hours of the morning. Moreover, the victim had had a tiring day and little supper.