Cave Rescue, May 25, 1991
Bone-Norman Cave, WV


On Saturday, May 25, a caver (about 30) from Baltimore Grotto entered Norman Cave in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. He was apparently a novice. When he reached the 20-foot waterfall drop about 300 feet inside, he either didn't know about the crawlway and climb-down or couldn't find it, and tried to chimney down the falls. Shod in tennis shoes and carrying a flashlight for light, he fell the 20 feet to the bottom. It was awhile before he was found and it was seven hours before rescuers got him to the entrance; in the process it appears that hypothermia almost claimed him. He reportedly stopped breathing once or twice and had to be resuscitated. Plenty of cavers were on hand as a big effort was occurring at nearby Friars Hole. In any case he did suffer some back injury and a broken tibia and fibula in one leg.


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This guy is a grotto member and no one took him aside and gave him any advice? Supposedly, you can be thrown out of the NSS for unsafe caving. Solo, tennis shoed, flashlight, unbelayed . . .