Cave Rescue, June 25, 1976
Cornwell Cave, WV


At about 3 p.m. on Friday, June 25, Gale Beach (31) slipped on a rainslick rock at the entrance of Cornwell Cave, West Virginia, injuring her foot. This was an NSS Convention field trip. Consequently, a call to the convention registration desk produced rescuers within an hour. Beach was placed on a litter and manually hauled up the side of the 1,000 foot deep gorge, from the entrance to the road. By 8 p.m. the victim was in a truck on the way to the hospital. It was determined that she had broken two bones in her foot.


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Chuck Wilkerson "Cheat River Gorge Rescue" D.C. Speleograph 32:8 August 1976 p 9.


Entrance areas, because of biological activity, can produce extremely slippery conditions. It is not clear whether the accident actually occurred within the cave or not.