Cave Rescue, July 16, 1997
Laurel Caverns, PA


On July 16, 1997 at approximately 2:45 PM, while on a guided exploration trip into the wild section of Laurel Caverns, Matt hit his head on some rocks causing minor neck injuries. He was wearing a Laurel Caverns Helmet at the time of the incident. Immediately the employees of the cave started accessing the situation and sending people out to let cave staff know of the incident and that a full carryout would be required.

At approximately 3:30 PM phone calls were made to area cave rescuers. They started arriving around 4:15 at which point several local FD's had already shown up. Total callout for this rescue was around 20 FD personnel and 30 caver rescuers. The rescue took approximately 3.5 hours for full extrication from the extreme back of the cave.

On another note, this was the third incident of the day at Laurel Caverns. One of the other incidents was a broken ankle where the injured was able to make it out with assistance. Details on the third incident are very sketchy.


Doug Moore, 07/17/97. Personal account for the ER-NCRC Web Page.


Another record time rescue from Laurel Caverns. The only problem on this one was some call out procedure problems at the onset that will need to be addressed in the near future. Once the rescue effort was started at the cave it couldn't have went any smoother. The litter was actually coming out of the cave faster that cavers could walk out themselves.