Cave Rescue, July 19, 1987
Unnamed Pit, VA


On Sunday, July 19, cavers were exploring a new cave in Virginia, consisting of a series of offset vertical drops. The first drop (entrance pit) is 70 feet to an offset, then a 47 foot drop takes one to a ledge. The sequence of events is not exactly clear, but at about 6 p.m. Greg McCoy (31) was standing on the edge when a caver below him did something on rope that caused the rope (which reached to the surface) to move out of a notch just below the offset. There was reportedly some mud and rocks on the slopes, and a five pound rock was dislodged.

The rock fell some 40 feet, struck Mcoy on his Petzl Ecrin helmet, then deflected, striking his shoulder. McCoy was incapacitated with a "shoulder trauma" and "bruised, compressed cervical spine."

Companions went for help and CAVES Region and Triangle Rescue group responded. An EMT descended and evaluated the victim, calling for a hauling system. McCoy was hauled out on a 3:1 "Z" system (two directionals) and transported by private vehicle. He is reportedly caving again with no complications.


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The rope, going past offsets, was padded but one must recognize that it may touch surfaces with loose rock that the rappeller is unable to clear on the way down -- it may be better to re-anchor the rope at offsets.

The rock struck McCoy's helmet off-center by about two inches, leaving a dent.