Cave Rescue, July 23, 1988
Cave on Steven's Farm, WV


Greg Springer went to the farm of Jerry and Elaine Stevens near Union, West Virginia on the weekend of July 23, arriving at 10 a.m. He intended to dig at an entrance but was delayed by a six hour rainstorm. Finally, at 4 p.m. he began to dig, directly above the drain of a large sink. He had previously felt cold air coming from a hold above a boulder in this sink.

His pick immediately hit trash. He soon had made a hole several feet in diameter and four feet deep walled by trash on three sides and the boulder on the fourth. As he stooped to pull out a large rock in the middle, he inadvertently pushed his head onto a piece of fence wire sticking out of the side of the hole. The wire gouged his right eye.

He thought relatively little of this at first, but the following day he awoke to find his right eye blind. One doctor said it was all right and put a bandage over it but a second opinion revealed that he had lost an area of the cornea "nearly as large as a contact lens." He passed out in the second doctor's office and the injury caused him to miss a week of work, but he has recovered 20/20 vision in the eye.


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