Cave Rescue, August 17, 1991
Big Ridge Cave, PA


On Saturday, August 17, a group of six cavers entered Big Ridge Cave in Pennsylvania. They rigged the first drop, a 125-foot pit, and Bob Prowel went first. He found the rope ended 20 feet above the floor. He was able to get off rope on a small, exposed ledge. Since he wasn't familiar with the cave, a second caver, Pat Minnick, descended to the ledge. It was decided the rope needed re-rigged to provide more length, and this was communicated to those at the top. Then a caver coming through the gate near the top of the pit dislodged a small rock which went down the pit, hitting Minnick on one shoulder. Minnick suffered a bruise and was in "a lot of pain" but continued with the trip.


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