Cave Rescue, August 24, 1985
Simmons Mingo Cave, WV


A group of three divers, supported by three cavers, was in Simmons Mingo Cave, Randolph County, West Virginia. They entered via the relatively new Stan's Blowing Rock Entrance which leads down a 90 foot pit but fairly directly to the upstream sump of the Canadian River. At the turnaround point of the 15 minute dive, the diver with the line could not find a good tie-off and so cut the line without tieing it off. This was apparently induced by hypothermia -- since the water was flowing back toward the start, the line followed the diver back. Also, stirred up silt put visibility to nothing so the diver had to hand-over-hand back. Twenty feet from the start he was so tangled in the dive line he had to be cut free by a companion. He had dropped his knife. When he emerged he was shaking from cold, though he had been wearing a 1/4 inch wet suit.


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