Cave Rescue, September 4, 1992
Sites Cave, WV


On Friday, September 4, a group of cavers visited Sites Cave in Pendleton County, West Virginia. The entrance pit is a 180-foot waterfall drop. A rope was rigged, let down and the group entered. When Art Fogel (early 40's) ascended he got about 70 feet up and arrived at the Fishhook, a finger-like, protruding rock. Here he found the rope was way off line, caught on the Fishhook. He could not get over it and became exhausted trying. Cavers above rigged a second rope, and Julia Smith descended and he was able to lower Fogel to the floor. More rescuers arrived and Fogel, now suffering hypothermia was hauled up the drop.


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The Fishhook cannot be seen from the floor and this rope problem is apparently encountered occasionally. It is reported cavers either descend and free the rope or work it off the projection and do a 20-foot pendulum, slamming into the wall.