Cave Rescue, September 18, 1993
New River Cave, VA


On Saturday, September 18, a group of five entered New River Cave in Virginia. They proceeded through much of the cave and at one point found themselves at the Mud Room, a large chamber floored with fine, slick silt deposits. At one end of this room is a steep descent overlooking a continuation of the stream passage. The climb is covered with the same hard, slick mud.

Tom Spina was fourth in line to descend. He descended a short way and was groping along the left wall for a handhold when his feet lost traction and he "rocketed down." He left the steep slope and did a half roll before hitting the bottom, head first. Fortunately the stream formed a deep pool at that point and he was uninjured, quickly coming to the surface and swimming to shore.

The trip continued without further incident.


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Use a hand line or belay on exposed climbs and traverses.