Cave Rescue, October 20, 1985
Acme Quarry Cave, WV


A group of six cavers was in Acme Quarry Cave, Greenbrier County, West Virginia on October 20. Three waited at a climbdown while the others continued. At a descending, unmapped stream canyon, they proceeded to a 15-foot waterfall drop. It was unmapped beyond and since one of the three didn't want to see (scoop) it until he was prepared to map it, he and one other turned back, returning tot he climb-down. The third caver, now alone, found a bypass to the drop and continued to where the canyon leveled out. He started back, saw a high lead and tried to climb up to it. He fell eight feet but was not hurt and "limped" back to the group. The mapper, while waiting had been heard to remark: "If we have to go after him, we'll map as we go!"

On the way out, another of the group suffered cramps and dehydration. A companion carried his camera box while he struggled out.


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