Missing Person Search
October 25, 1996
Manassas, Virginia


At around 7:00 PM on October 25, 1996 cavers were notified by the Virginia Department of Emergency Services of a Missing Person Search in Manassas, Virginia. A two year old female had disappeared from a play area on October 21 and no trace of her had been found.

Cavers were called in to do a search of any confined spaces that they could locate within a small area around where she was missing from. These confined spaces included culverts, under houses and porches, log piles, etc. Twelve cavers and two dogs arrived in Manassas early Saturday morning to start a search at around 8:00 AM. There search took place until 2:00 PM when they were placed on stand down.


ER-NCRC Web Page report, personal account, Douglas Moore 10/29/96.


There is no real analysis of this incident available. The missing girl was found drowned in a nearby river approximately one week later by a fisherman.