Cave Rescue, November 12, 1983
Whiting's Neck Cave, WV


On November 12, 1983, Brian Bergeson was leading a group of high school juniors and seniors, part of a Horizon's program, on a trip to Whiting's Neck Cave in West Virginia. They were setting anchors for a rappel when they noticed a group of Boy Scouts below. Descending, Bergeson observed that one of the scouts was prostrate and unconscious. He was told that the boy had been so for 45 minutes. Since the scouts were hauling each other up bodily with a one inch hemp rope, and noe too swiftly, Bergeson and his party put the boy in a harness and hauled him up, while sending for an ambulance. The boy was carried from the cave.


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They never learned what was wrong with the unconscious youth. Bergeson suspects he was in shock from fright. He also lists the scouts group's deficiencies: no backup lights, lack of proper vertical equipment and no one seemingly in charge.