Cave Rescue, November 12, 1999
J-4 Cave, PA


John Walters here. I'm a member of Nittany Grotto and Pleasant Gap FD I'm not sure about anything over the weekend, however, we were dispatched to a cave rescue Thursday evening just prior to midnight. A group of 10 PSU students were touring the cave, most first timers. One unlucky (or maybe VERY lucky) lad lost his balance on the Highway Step-Across. Lucky for him he fell toward the entrance to Judy's Frustration instead of into the highway. Due to complaint of pain in the lower back and lower extremities his companions wisely left him be and called for help. Fire department, Nittany and Bald Eagle grottos and I believe a few members for Mifflin City SAR (not sure how they were notified of the call) effected the rescue. The patient was removed from the cave sometime around 0500. I haven't heard of his condition or a definitive report of actual injuries. Pleasant Gap FD ran the incident, I was above ground command and one of the assistant fire chiefs was underground command. Unfortunately we have had too much experience removing patients from this cave, and although this was the furthest back we have had to retrieve someone from, the general route is familiar, equipment and manpower needs are known and movement thru the cave has become well rehearsed.


Email from John Walters, November 14, 1999.


Common situation at J-4 Cave.