Cave Rescue, November 19, 1984
Sharers Cave, PA


On November 19, Jeffery Martaine (23) and several friends went caving in Sharers Cave, Centre County, Pennsylvania. Apparently they rigged a rope at a short drop only fifty feet from the entrace. When Martaine tried to climb up, hand-over-hand, he lost his grip and fell a short distance. This resulted in a wrist injury and moderate rope burns. Martaine now could not climb out.

At 4 p.m. his friends called for help. Centre County Dispatching Center got the call and notified the Fire Department, OES, and Nittany Grotto. At about 4:30 p.m. he was pulled up the drop and exited the cave.


NSS News, November 1985 (Part 2) V43N11, Page 364.

Scott Jones "Sharers Cave Rescue" Report of the Nittany Grotto S/R Section, 1 p.


We cavers use sophisticated vertical rigs, easily do the deepest pits in the world; the casual spelunker goes hand-over-hand on a twenty foot drop and gets in serious trouble. Interesting.