Cave Rescue, December 7, 1969
Schofer Cave, PA


On 7 December, Robert (33) and Joan (23), led a party of about twenty students to two beginner's caves: Dragon and Schofer. Five persons, having missed their departure, went to South Temple Cave, and then to Schofer to catch up with the main group.

The late group waited in the cave at an entrance to the Big Room. Gilber D'Alonzo (22) stood at the entrance to the room, a slot opening some six feet above the floor. He spoke to a member of the main group, who swung a light toward him: D'Alonzo asked him to move the light, stepped backwards, and fell headfirst into the room.

D'Alonzo wore sneakers (contray to instructions) and, like the others in his group, wore no hard hat. He was found unconscious and bleeding from his face, with other cuts.

D'Alonzo was assisted out of the cave, falling into unconsciousness at intervals, suffering from concussion. Eventually, he was treated for cuts and a broken nose.


NSS Cave Accident Reports, 1969, Page 4-5.

Robert and Joan Feuer.


Inexperience and carelessness. Additional supervision would have been desirable.