Cave Rescue, December 19, 1992
Red Bridge Cave, PA


On Saturday, December 19, 1992 three cavers entered a new cave near Red Bridge in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The cave entrance is a short crawlway leading to a very narrow fissure that drops about 25 feet to a sloping, mud floor. In the down slope direction is a pool and a continuing fissure lead. They explored a bit, getting wet, then went to exit. One caver climbed out. Allison Hazen went next. She tried chiminying with an ascender on the rope for safety but couldn't make it more than about 13 feet up. The more open part of the fissure was away from the entrance was away from the entrance crawlway. It appears that simply following the rope would take you through the too-narrow portion. The other two tied her off at this point, to give her support, and one companion went for help.

Cave rescuers soon arrived. The victim's hands and feet had gone numb so they lowered her back down and then set up a haul system. Rescuers hauled her up, forcing her painfully through a couple of tight spots. Brian Snyder, the caver waiting with her, was by then hypothermic so he was also hauled up.


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