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NSS Conservation Membership: Regular and Life

Have you heard? The NSS is offering new choices in Society membership categories. Become a Conservation Member or a Conservation Life Member and commit to a higher level of cave conservation and protection.

The Conservation memberships are intended to emphasize and encourage the Society's conservation and education programs. Your Conservation Membership dues will help the NSS in fulfilling one of its missions: To advance the protection of caves and their natural resources.

Regular Conservation Membership dues are $125 per year. The difference between the annual regular dues and the annual Conservation dues are considered a donation and will be allocated to NSS conservation and education programs and activities. If you are considering donating $125 or more to the NSS this year, why not become a Conservation Member?

Life, Family Life, Outstanding Service, or Honorary Members can pay a one time, additional $1,000, beyond their initial life membership fee, to become a Conservation Life Member. NSS Conservation Memberships are considered donations to the Society and are tax deductible as provided by federal and state law. Help the NSS promote conservation and protect the caves we all love. Become a Conservation Member today by contacting the NSS: www.caves.org/info/member.shtml

Welcome Future NSS Members New NSS Members Articles Links Contact Us