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Survey and Cartography Section


The Survey and Cartography Section (SACS) is an internal organization of the NSS that is devoted to improving the state of cave surveying and mapping. Section members are interested in all aspects of cave mapping, including data gathering, computer processing, blunder analysis and reduction, in-cave sketching, manual and computerized final map production, geographic information systems, technological aids to cave mapping, and anything else related to surveying.

Membership : Membership in the Section is open to anyone who is interested in surveying and mapping caves. Membership in the National Speleological Society is not required.

Compass & Tape : (ISSN 1074-5696) This is the Section's quarterly publication and is mailed to all members. It is nominally published on a quarterly basis, but if insufficient material is available for an issue, the quarterly publication schedule may not be met. Compass & Tape includes articles covering a wide variety of topics including equipment reviews, hints and techniques, computer processing, mapping standards, artistic techniques, publications of interest, and appropriate material reprinted from local caving publications. It is the primary medium for conveying information and ideas within the cave mapping community. All members are strongly encouraged to contribute material and to comment on published material. Items for publication should be submitted to the Editor.

Dues : Dues are $4.00 per year, which includes a subscription to Compass & Tape, the newsletter of the section. Checks should be made payable to "SACS" and sent to the Treasurer.

NSS Convention Session : SACS sponsors the Survey and Cartography session at each NSS Convention, at which papers are presented on a variety of topics of interest to the cave mapper. Anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to present a paper at the session. Contact the Vice Chair for additional information about presenting a paper.

Annual Section Meeting : The Section holds its only formal meeting each year at the NSS Convention. All Section business, including election of Officers, is done at that meeting.

Back Issues : SACS started in 1983 and copies of all back issues of Compass and tape are available. The cost is $1.00 per copy for 1-2 copies, $.75 per copy for 3-6 copies, or $.50 per copy for 7 or more copies. Add $0.50 postage for one copy or $1.00 for two or more copies ordered at once. Order back issues from the Treasurer.

Overseas members : SACS Welcomes members from foreign countries. The rate for all foreign members is US$4.00 per year, and SACS pays the cost of mailing. If you need air mail delivery, please inquire about rates. We regret that all checks must be payable in US$ and drawn on a U.S. bank. Send cash at your own risk.

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