Oct 5 - 7, 2018

Event Details

Workshop Overview

The workshop officially begins at 7:30 am, Saturday, October 6 and runs until noon Sunday, October 7. Cave Without a Name campgrounds become available on Friday, October 5 at 4 pm. There will be informal presentations on Friday night along with the standard buffoonery around the campground.

Schedule Overview

Check-in 4:00-9:00 pm Friday  
  7:00-11 am Saturday  
Modules 8:30 am Saturday Announcements and introductions
  9 am-5 pm Saturday Modules
  9:00 am-noon Sunday Modules and wrap-up discussion

Camping is available at the site on Friday and Saturday nights and is included in the workshop fee. If you are arriving on Friday night or early Saturday morning, a special combination lock will be placed on the gate. You will receive the combination with your registration confirmation.

Friday night activities will include registration, socializing and lightning talks at the pavilion. Registration opens at 4 pm on Friday afternoon.

Meals Included*

Menu will be posted near the workshop date.

BYO Lunch

Because of time restrictions and to keep things rolling through the day, we ask attendees to bring their own lunch and eat as their schedule permits between modules.

In addition, we will have an informal contest for the best field lunch. This will be based on nutrition, presentation, uniqueness, content, taste and the whim of the judges. Come prepared for the contest, however, please, no slaughtering of any live animals at the event, even if you're going to eat them or use them in some religious ceremony.

Friday Food Truck

A food truck will be on-site Friday from 5-9 pm. If you think you will be arriving later, stock up in Boerne. Check back to see what will be available.

Water and Drinks

This is a field event and no potable (drinkable) water is available at the site. Please bring your own water and refreshments. Some bottled water may be available for purchase at the cave visitor's center or food trucks.

However, if the weather is hot, you can expect to consume 3 to 4 quarts of water per day to stay adequately hydrated.

HydroGeo Alcohol Policy

The Bexar Grotto recognizes that the use of alcoholic beverages by those of legal age is a matter of personal choice. However, students in attendance are ultimately governed by the policies of their higher education institution. Bexar Grotto requires that those who choose to drink on the Cave Without A Name grounds while attending the HydroGeo Workshop abide by state law, the regulations of their respective higher education institution and/or organizations, and Cave Without A Name regulations, and expects that such individuals will conduct themselves responsibly, mindful of the rights of others. Campground Chiefs reserve the right to request that law enforcement remove anyone in violation of the above. No alcoholic beverages will be served or sold in conjunction with the HydroGeo Workshop.

Workshop Legal Release

The Texas Hydro Geo Workshop Standard Release must be signed by all participants.

You may speed up the registration process by printing out, signing, and bringing a copy of the release with you.

If you are under 18 years of age, the release MUST be signed by a parent or guardian. Please bring a copy of the release with you and present it during registration.

Lightning Talks

On Friday night, there will be informal lightning talks in the pavilion. If you have a particular research topic or presentation you would like to make, please bring it along. Talks usually range from 5 to 15 minutes. Here is a good chance to get feedback on a research topic.

Saturday night, there will be socializing around a campfire (assuming no burn ban) and Lightning Talks in the pavilion regarding tales from the field and general good fun. If you have a short presentation (5 to 15 minutes) you would like to make on your research or an interesting field area, please feel free to share.


Yodeling/Hog Calling Contest

Also on Saturday evening, after the Keynote speaker, a special prize will be awarded to the champion Yodeler/Hog Caller as determined by the participants. Cave Without a Name is noted for being a wonderful venue and hosts many fine concerts throughout the year. The yodeling contest is an opportunity to appreciate the fine acoustics of the cave and also obtain greater glory and personal bragging rights. The contest is open to all participants – including previous winners of yodeling, auctioneering, or hog calling contests. The master of ceremonies for this event will be the announced at the time of the event to minimize the possibility of judge tampering or undue influence. However, appropriate monetary payments to the event chairs will go a long way in helping select the winner.


Some of you completed the Geoquiz last year - some of you couldn't (HA HA!). This year, we have expanded the quiz with a lot of new questions. It will test your knowledge of sustainability, distances and measurements, chemistry, famous geologists, geography and geology, hydrology, history, geologic fauz, caves, and bad puns. Form a team and impress your friends with your knowledge of the arcane, minutia, trivial, and useless. However, you need to know this stuff if you want to be king.


A number of bands have been invited and may appear (Led Zeppelin; Crosby Stills, Nash (with Young); the Turtles, and Plain White T's). In the event that none of the bands can fit us into their schedule, please feel free to bring an instrument. There are a number of accomplished musicians in the group and I'm sure there can be an informal jam session. I know we have a professional accordion player that will be attending and she would love to have a jam session - we can always use more cowbell - please no kazoos - we're trying to run a respectable event here.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome as long as they are well behaved. No begging food, scratching or shaking around the food tables. You may be asked for your service animal certificate from either a doctor or one of the animal certifying organization. So, don't just bring your dog and put a service animal jacket on it because you think you can get away with it. Legitimate service animals, such as seeing eye, hearing ear, or tasting tongue dogs are more than welcome. Others may need a certificate. Bassett hounds are exempt and always welcome.

Event Drama

We have a strict “No Drama” policy. If you have a “High Maintenance” type of personality, consider not attending (if in doubt, ask your friends or professors, they should tell you). Remember, our volunteers work on your behalf. Please be kind and understanding as we work though the various issues that I’m sure will arise. Treat all volunteers with great respect, they are cooking your food and cleaning the johns and herding cats.

If you are verbally or physically abusive to the volunteers or other participants, or are a danger to yourself or others, we reserve the right to ask you to leave or to have you removed from the property. Remember, this is a rural county and we’re friends with the Sheriff. He is a nice guy and provides free accommodations at the Cross Bar Hotel upon demand, complements of Kendall County taxpayers.

Be safe and have a good time!

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