Oct 5 - 7, 2018

Workshop Modules

The list of modules will be posted here as soon as it is available. Here is a list of modules from 2017 to provide an idea of the scope of material offered at the workshop. The 2018 list will likely have some modifications.

Module Sign-up Details

Sign up sheets for the modules will be posted on two large boards at the pavilion and can be accessed when you arrive at the workshop site at Cave Without A Name. You may sign yourself and friends for a module. If you change your mind, please remove your name so someone else can take the slot.

We recommend that you print out the schedule, determine which modules you want to attend and note them on your printed schedule. After you have registered, go to the module board and find the modules you’re interested in and place your name on the sheet.

Make sure that you carefully check the module time, date, and description. Note that some modules are off site and require transportation.

Modules List

Descriptions of modules can be found in the HGW Program Guide, which will be posted on line as soon as it is finalized.

Module Schedule

A schedule of module times and days will be posted here in pdf format.

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