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Government Canyon Survey

Last Updated 29 April 2013
General Information

Government Canyon State Natural Area is an approximately 8,622-acre area in Bexar County, just outside San Antonio.  The State Natural Area was purchased by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in 1993, in cooperation with Edwards Aquifer Authority (formerly Edwards Underground Water District), San Antonio Water System, the Trust for Public Land and the federal government Land and Water Conservation Fund.  The park opened to the public on October 15th, 2005.

The canyon was on the "Joe Johnston" Road from San Antonio to Bandera which was blazed by the military at Ft. Sam Houston in the 1850s.  The canyon is a part of the rich ranching history of Texas.

Our purpose there is to find, explore, survey, and inventory the caves and karst features on Government Canyon State Natural Area.  Thirty-eight caves have been found to date.  Most are small, but the beautiful terrain and the reasonable potential for something large keep cavers coming each trip.  This is a good training environment and everyone interested is welcome.  The Project is sponsored jointly by the TSA, Texas Speleological Survey, and the Government Canyon Natural History Association.  Monthly summaries are sent to The TEXAS CAVER.  Detailed reports of all trips are filed in the TSS library.

Geologically, the Natural Area lies on the Balcones Escarpment, an area of deeply entrenched canyons that defines the eastern boundary of the Edwards Plateau. Approximately 88% of the Natural Area overlays the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. The remaining acreage overlies the transition zone for water recharge.

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Marvin Miller
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Irregular schedule is published via the TSA Activities Newsletter & CaveTex, usually once a month.  Government Canyon SNA is located on the northwest outskirts of San Antonio, Texas.

Government Canyon SNA entrance

Limited Access Pending Development
12861 Galm Rd
San Antonio TX 78254

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