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Robber Baron Cave

Last Updated 29 April 2013
General Information

Robber Baron Cave is one of the most significant of the over 500 Bexar County (San Antonio), TX caves.  It is the longest known cave in the county with nearly a mile of mapped passages.  This cave has many interesting features including a large sinkhole entrance, a geologically complex two-dimensional maze of passages, a rich history including a period of commercialization, and several unique species, two of which are federally listed as endangered.  Long managed by members of the Bexar Grotto and acquired by the Texas Cave Management Association in 1995, Robber Baron is now protected as a karst resource to not only preserve its unique biology, geology and history, but also to provide a place where people can learn about and experience the underground environment.

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7 Janurary 2009: San Antonio Current Article about Robber Baron Cave by Mark Jones. (opens in new window)

Photo credit: George Veni/TCMA
Photo credit: George Veni/TCMA
Current Projects

The ongoing project to restore the property surface and cave entrance at Robber Baron has been completed, and now we are in a maintenance mode.  If you would like to volunteer to assist with maintenance tasks, contact the Project Champion.

For more information visit the Robber Baron Preserve Page

Project Champion

Robber Baron Cave is managed by the Bexar Grotto under the direction of Joe Mitchell.

Special Considerations

On December 26, 2000, the Robber Baron Cave spider was designated as Endangered in the Entire Range. Within the area covered by this listing, this species is known to occur in: Texas. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Southwest Region (Region 2) is the lead region for this entity.

Texas Endangered Invertebrate Species listing

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