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What is the Central Connecticut Grotto of the National Speleological Society?

The Central Connecticut Grotto (CCG) is a local chapter of The National Speleological Society (NSS). The CCG shares the goals of other NSS Grottos, which are to organize trips, offer training, practice cave conservation, and generally provide a framework for enjoying and studying caves. The Central Connecticut Grotto welcomes new members who are interested in caves and committed to cave conservation. Join us - membership info is on our membership page.

Our Monthly Meetings

Meetings are open to anyone interested in caves and committed to cave conservation. At each meeting we discuss Grotto business, trip reports and plan future trips. Many meetings also have a presentation; either a talk, demonstration, slides, or video. It is not necessary to attend meetings to be a Grotto member, though we would like you to attend.

Location, Date, and Time of meetings can change. Non-members should confirm by calling a meeting contact number or emailing, with "CCG Meeting" in the subject line.

Jan 16, 2018 Tuesday 7 pm: Monthly Grotto Meeting
At HRP Associates, 197 Scott Swamp Road, Farmington, CT 06032. See map at HRP and go to the new entrance.  Non-member cavers and future cavers are welcome. For info and program, call Ashley at 860-869-0932, or email with "CCG Meeting" in the subject line. This meeting will feature a presentation from one of our members about caving in France.

Dec 16, 2017 Saturday 5 pm: Monthly Grotto Meeting with Elections and Holiday Party
This meeting is at a member's house in East Hartford. Food and chat starting at 5 PM. Meeting at 7 PM. Details are sent to members. Non-members, please email with "CCG meeting" in the subject line.

Past CCG activities and meetings:
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Connecticut Caves and Other Wonders

For info on Connecticut caves, nearby commercial caves, scout group caving, guided trips, classes, certifications, and local caving guidebooks please see our FAQ page.  Frequently Asked Questions

Officers and Committees (2018)

Contact officers at
More contact info is at About the CCG .

Chair - Ashley Pospisil
Vice Chair - Jamie Henderson
Treasurer - Norm Berg
Secretary - Alisa Werst
Webmaster - Ian Preston
Membership - Diane Lucas
Safety - Doug Truitt
Conservation - Amanda Cooper
Vertical - Felicia Millett
Equipment - Steve Millett
Newsletter (the Underground Movement) - Danny Brass
Member at Large - Blasť LaSala

Steve in Roxbury Mine

Steve in Roxbury Mine

Tory's Cave

Tory's Cave - a Connecticut Cave

CCG and non-CCG Activities and Events

Notice of caving restrictions due to bat illness (WNS):

In the effort to control the spread of WNS and enable the recovery of the bat population, many caves in the Northeast are closed to visitors during the bat hibernation season.

All caver are asked to follow cleaning and disinfection procedures, which can be found at  White Nose Syndrome Page Thank you for your cooperation.

The CCG runs more activities than are listed here. Become a CCG member and receive emailed announcements of all CCG activities. If you are a member and are not getting CCG email (about 5-10/month) please email 

July 30 - Aug 3, 2018: NSS Convention in Helena, Montana.

Dec 3, 2017 Sunday:  NCC Board Meeting
A board meeting of the Northeastern Cave Conservancy, in Schoharie, NY. See the NCC website for more info

Nov 18 2017 Saturday 8 pm until Nov 19 Sunday 8 am: Indoor Vertical Practice and overnight at Prime Climb
We will be holding a vertical practice at Prime Climb in Wallingford, CT. Come practice your rope skills with us at this indoor rock climbing gym. We will have a rappel wall set up for basic ascending/descending, passing a rope pad and getting over a lip, changeovers, etc; there will also be a rebelay course. Learn some new skills or refine what you already know. Staying overnight at the gym is optional.
The cost for the event is $38 (covers 8 pm Saturday thru 8 am Sunday), which all goes to the climbing gym. For CCG members (active membership as of Nov 1st), the grotto will pay $10 towards each members climbing fee to reduce their out of pocket cost to $28 if you RSVP by Nov. 12. For current non-members, the full price must be paid to the gym, but we will give you a no-cost one year CCG membership.
If interested in the vertical practice, please email your name and phone to  with "Vertical Practice" in the subject line. We will email or call you with more info as to what the CCG and the gym provides, and what to bring.

Sept 8-10, 2017:  2017 Fall NRO
This fall gathering of the NRO (Northeastern Regional Organization) is hosted by the Vermont Cavers Assoc and held at Howell's Campground in Arlington, VT. More info at and What is an NRO.pdf

Labor Day weekend, 2017: Old Timer's Reunion (OTR)
Held in Dailey, WV. More info at

July 28-30, 2017: CCG Summer Caving Weekend
The CCG is hosting its annual weekend of caving in Schoharie New York, with the focus on getting intermediate cavers with vertical experience into McFail's Cave. If you are interested in joining or leading a beginner level trip this weekend please reply and let us know. There are many other caves in the area including Benson's Cave, Schoharie Cavern, Ball's Cave, and Spider Cave that groups can visit. We will be camping at the Schoharie Cabin on Friday and Saturday evenings. The CCG has gear that new cavers can borrow. RSVP is required. For RSVP, directions, and gear borrowing, contact Steve Millett at  and put "CCG Schoharie" in the subject line.

Past CCG activities and meetings:
    2007-2008  2009-2010  2011-2012  2013-2014  2015-2016  2017-2018 

Carpenter Pit

Carpenter Pit