How to post activities on the CCG website:

The ideal way to get your activity out to CCG members, and get it on the website, is to email the info the all the CCG members at and add a sentence requesting that it be posted on the website.

In addition, you can send it to the CCG webmaster at If you are planning to lead a CCG activity and would like to have it posted on the CCG website, send the info to the CCG Webmaster using the format on the website

If you just want it on the website (assuming you already emailed the CCG members), send to Please put something caving related in the subject line (like the name of the activity and the acronym "CCG") so it doesn't appear to be spam.

In your activity write-up, be sure to include at least the following:

Your trip will normally get posted to the website within 5 days, then the webmaster will reply to your email so you can verify that it is posted correctly.

If you are concerned about putting your email address on the website, request that your email  be altered (ex: <at sign here> ) so it can't be easily found by spammers. In the opinion of the webmaster, if you have spam filtering software running (the best is done by your ISP at their end) and you already have your email listed on the internet (have you searched for it?) you won't get any more spam from listing it on the CCG site. There have been no reported problems resulting from listing your phone number on the website. If you are leading a multiday trip, the webmaster can use a generic CCG email that can be forwarded to you, so the public can't easily identify you.


Thank you,
CCG Webmaster (include CCG in subject line)