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(Monthly DCG meetings are on the 3rd Thursday.)
Some Upcoming Highlights:

Aug 24 (Sat): Baker Quarry Underground Boating Trip. See the Announcement. Each participant needs to sign and bring one of Tri-State's Waiver Form. [doc]

Aug 29 - Sept 1st (Labor Day Wkend): 70th annual OTR for 2019, Dailey, WV. See the OTR-Website and/or the OTR-2019 FBgrp.

Sep 19 (3rd Thu), 7:30p: Regular meeting at Chevy Chase Community Ctr.,
in DC, at 5601 Connecticut Ave NW.   See: Directions.  Program: T.B.A.
Post-mtg.: We may adjourn to the Chevy Chase Lounge (1.5 blocks south, at 5510 CT-Av.), to continue the socializing!

Sep 20 - 22: Fall MAR 2019, at Newville, PA. See York Grotto's Flyer-Page.

Sep 23 (4th Mon), 7:30p: PSC meeting.   Some say 7:30, and some say 8pm. See PSC Website.

Sep 27 - 29: Fall VAR 2019, hosted by DC and Baltimore Grottoes, at Friars Hole Cave Preserve, WV.   Details are on the event Info Page.

Oct 17 (3rd Thu): Informal meeting, at our newer venue:  The Old Dominion Brewhouse at 6504 America Blvd, Hyattsville, MD 20782.  It's about a block from the Prince George's Plaza Metro Station which is also the next one south of College Park.  Parking is free onsite in a parking garage, but only for two hours ... after that there is a $5 fee (you can "repark" to save the $5).  Brewhouse info: Website, on Facebook,   Phone: 301-887-1818

Oct 26 (Sat): The Baltimore Grotto great Pumpkin Treasure Hunt
( outrageous caving/puzzle-solving/scavenger-hunt/road-rally ), at
Thorn Spring Park (early '70s OTR site), near Franklin, WV.  
Also on Facebook, but no recent activity there.


July 27-31 (tentative): NSS 2020 Convention at Elkins, WV.   Date is tentative. Details to follow.

Event Photos

Bat Die-off Crisis

A fungus has caused the death of huge numbers of bats, seemingly associated with White Nose Syndrome, starting in the Northeast, and having spread into PA, WV, and VA.   With the possibility of human cave visitation assisting this spread, precautions include cave closures (check the VAR Closed Cave List prior to any trip), and de-contamination of all cave gear before and after visiting any open cave.  For lots more information, visit any of these links:

Trout Rock Bat Counts

Click here to see the results of the annual bat counts in Trout, Hamilton, and New Trout caves in Pendleton County, W.V.

Banquet Assignments: The determination of "who-brings-what" to each year's December banquet changes each year. The methodology for making the assignments is explained: Here.

T-shirts: Although the 31-Jan-2010 deadline for ordering has passed, info about the 70-years of DC-area organized caving commemorative T-shirt is still Here.

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