Trip to the Bat Ranch, in Giles County, VA.

Saturday, May 12, 2012, with primitive camping Friday & Saturday nights.

Bat Ranch is a location in Giles County, VA currently owned by VPI caver Mike Newsome.  Prior to Mike, the land was owned by caver Jim Washington, and it has been a caver hang out ever since.  The property has been a favorite among cavers for many years.  It’s closely surrounded by some of the best caves Virginia has to offer, some within walking distance.  Bat Ranch is just outside Blacksburg, VA with primitive camping accommodations.  With various caving options available for all levels, attendees will be able to coordinate their own trips.  Mike has been kind enough to pencil the DC Grotto in for the weekend of May 11-13. 

If you’re interested in going, or have questions,
email Adam Lake ( ).

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