The Early DC Cavers … Do Any Still Survive?

Shortly after its founding in 1939, the Speleological Society of the District of Columbia (SSDC) published a comprehensive Bulletin detailing its organization, its knowledge of the regional caving scene and a few fascinating trip reports*.   In addition, this pre-NSS Bulletin published its membership list, which included 66 individuals described as either active or associate members.  These SSDC members might arguably be considered the founding members of our Grotto.  The list is nearly 70 years old and it is conceivable (possibly even likely) that some of these people are still alive.   Does anyone know if any of these people still survive to interview?

Speleological Society of the District of Columbia Active(*) and Associate member ship list, (June 1940):

Walter S. Amos Winchester, Va. Curator, Front Royal Caverns

Elwood A. Baker Alexandria, Va. Washington Star photographer

Vernon Bailey  Washington, DC. Mammologist, Smithson. Inst (retd).

Dr. H. S. Barber Washington, DC. Entomologist, U.S. Nat. Museum

Dr. R. S. Bassler* Washington, DC. Head, Dept of Geology, GWU

Dr. Bruce Bennett* Washington, DC. Physician

Don Bloch*  Bethesda, Md.  Bureau of Fisheries

E.E.W. Bowen  Bethesda, Md.  President, Bowen Instrument Co.

Austin B. J. Clark* Washington, DC. Photographer

Dr. Austin H. Clark* Washington, DC. Naturalist, U.S. National Museum

Jo Hubbard Chamberlain    New York City Author

Dr. Robert Coats* Washington, DC. Geologist, USGS

Charles Cooke* Washington, DC. Govt. clerk, REA

Martha Corcoran Washington, DC. Student, UMd

Myron Dunlavy Hamburg, NY.  President, Lincoln Caverns

E. A. (Tony) Eno* Arlington, Va.  USDA

Jerome M. Garland* Chevy Chase, Md. Justice Dept. lawyer

Pat Gower  Washington, DC. Telephone co. engineer

Oma Hackstaff Takoma Park, Md. Sales clerk, Woodward & Lothrop

George J. Hall, Jr.* Washington, DC. Engineer, Washington Airport

O.B. Harman  Petersburg, WV. Manager, Smokehole Caverns

Elmer W. Harmon* Washington, DC. Patent examiner, US Patent Office

D.K. Harmon  Petersburg, WV. Technician, Seneca Caverns

Dr. Alfred C. Hawken Winchester, Va. Geologist, Pot. River Flood Control

Dr. Harry H. Henderson* Washington, DC. Physician

Paul Herbert, Jr. Chicago, Ill.  Instructor in Geology, U. of Chicago

Dr. R. J. Holden Blacksburg, Va. Dept. Head, Geology, VPI

Bushrod Hopkins Washington, DC. US Merchant Marine

Franklin Hortman* Washington, DC. Clerk, War Dept.

Joe Johnson*  Washington, DC. Engineer, Washington Airport

Carter Brooke Jones Washington, DC. Washington Star reporter

Dr. Remingon Kellog Washington, DC. Mammologist, Smithsonian Inst.

James I. Lavelle Newark, NJ.  Clerk, Railroad Retirement Board

Estyl Lambert  Riverton, WV.  Manager, Seneca Caverns

Arthur C. Lembeck Washington, DC. Biochemist, Bureau of Dairy Ind.

Al C. Lewis*  Chevy Chase, Md. Lewis Advertising Agencies

William Mahone McGill  Charlottesville, Va.  Geologist, USGS

John F. Meenehan* Washington, DC. Clerk, Post Office Dept.

Charles E. Mohr Philadelphia, Pa. Phila. Academy of Natural Sciences

Robert Morgan* Washington, DC. Patent Examiner, US Patent Office

Dorothy D. Morrision*  Falls Church, Va. Housewife

Dr. Joseph P.E. Morrision*   Falls Church, Va.  Naturalist, U.S. National Museum

Eileen Neuhausel Pittsburgh, Pa.  Stenographer

Clay Perry  Pittsfield, Ma.  Author

Thornton T. Perry, Jr.*   Charles Town, WV.  President, Front Royal Caverns

John S.”Pete” Petrie Arlington, Va.  Patent Examiner, US Patent Office

Dr. E. R. Pohl  Horse Cave, Ky. Manager, Mammoth Onyx Caverns

Donald Reichard Washington, DC. Draftsman, DC Government

R. H. Sargent  Washington, DC. USGS

William J. Schlichtig Washington, DC. Draftsman, Govt. Printing Office

Mrs. Wm. J. Schlichtig   Washington, DC. Housewife

Leon Schlossberg Washington, DC. Social Research Analysis

Jack Shultz*  Rockville, Md. Library of Congress

Alden Snell*  Washington, DC. Accountant

Merle O. Stephenson*   Washington, DC. Housewife

William J. ”Bill” “Steve” Stephenson*    Wash., DC.  Patent Examiner, US Patent Office

Dan J. Tyrrell* Washington, DC. Cashier, GWU

Eddie Vanderlip Washington, DC. Auditor, FHA

Herman C. Vollmer* Washington, DC. Engineer, Water Dept.  

Dwight H. Vorkeeper (Vorkoeper?)*   Garrett Park, Md.    Draftsman, Census Bureau

Ruth Ellen Vorkeeper Washington, DC. Housewife

William J. Vorkeeper Washington, DC Service Dept. Philgas Co.

Dr. W. W. Welsh* Rockville, Md. Physician

Jean R. Williams Wilkinsburg, Pa. Engineer, Westinghouse Co.

John J. Wilson* Washington, DC Secy. Long-Bell Lumber Co.

Florence I. Whitley Arlington, Va.  Masseuse, Elizabeth Arden


*Bulletin of the Speleological Society of the District of Columbia, Vol I, June, 1940, Speleological Society of the District of Columbia, reprinted 1955.