DC Grotto Meetings

The DC Grotto has regular meetings on the third Thursday of each month, except December (when the holiday banquet is held). The next specific date and program for immediately upcoming meetings is shown on the Main-Page. You don't need to be a Grotto member to attend, and everyone is welcome.

The meeting format alternates between two styles.

In odd-numbered months (January, March, May, July, September, and November), a general meeting consists of trip reports, announcements of upcoming trips and events, discussion of various caving related matters, and usually a presentation or some other program. We meet at the Chevy Chase Community Center, just inside DC, on Connecticut Ave. There is usually an (optional) pre-meeting dinner at a very nearby restaurant. Details and directions are HERE.

In even-numbered months (February, April, June, August, and October), a more in-formal meeting is held in Bethesda, MD.   There won't be a formal program, but there will be trip reports, announcements of upcoming trips and events, and the usual caving BS, with an occasional show-and-tell. And, of course, there's the opportunity to sample lots of tasty things. Details and directions are HERE.

Last, but not least, the December holiday banquet is usually held on the first Saturday. The specific date, location, and program is always made known by announcements and flyers sent out a few weeks before the date.

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