DC Grotto Meeting: 14-Jan-2010 (Thu)

At the next DC Grotto general meeting, Thursday, January 14 at 7:30 pm at the Chevy Chase Community Center, in DC, we will be presenting major portions of the classic 1984 Sid Perou video "Hidden Depths of Mexico".

This video documents the 1982 British caving expedition to the San Cristobal Plateau in Chiapas to find new deep caves. Sid Perou is a British cave filmmaker renown for his amazing "caver-centric" films and videos that stunningly capture the gritty thrill of discovery associated with world-class expedition caving. "Hidden Depths of Mexico" is one of Sid Perou's "Realm of Darkness" series that were originally broadcast over BBC television during the 1980s. DC Grotto member Dave Newson helped the expedition with cave location and lead information and is mentioned by name in the video.

- Ed Devine

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