General Meetings at Chevy Chase Community Center

On the third Thursday of Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept., and Nov., the DC Grotto holds its regular meeting at the Chevy Chase Community Center, just inside DC, on Connecticut Ave., starting at 7:30pm.   There will be trip reports, announcements of upcoming trips and events, discussion of various caving related matters, and usually a presentation or some other program.   See the DCG Main-Page for the next specific date and program.   The meeting is informal, you don't need to be a Grotto member to attend, and everyone is welcome.

There is usually an (optional) pre-meeting dinner at a nearby restaurant.  Which one is announced on the DCG Main-Page Arrive about 6:15pm if you want dinner; later is fine if you just want a beverage.

Directions to the Chevy Chase Community Center from the Beltway:

  1. Take the Connecticut Avenue exit (exit 33) south toward Chevy Chase.
  2. Continue past East-West Highway (watch your speed in this area!)
  3. Travel around Chevy Chase Circle and enter DC.
  4. Go two blocks south of Chevy Chase Circle, and the Community Center is on the left,
    adjacent to the public library. The Avalon movie theater is across the street.
  5. Address: 5601 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20015.   Phone: 202-282-2204.

There is unmetered parking in the rear and on nearby streets.

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