Informal Meetings at Hard Times Cafe

On the third Thursday of Feb., Apr., Jun., Aug., and Oct., the DC Grotto holds its so-called informal meeting at the Hard Times Cafe in Bethesda, MD.   See the DCG Main-Page for the next specific date.

We meet in a semi-private side room, where the main focus of the meeting starts at 7:30pm.   You are not required to buy dinner, but if you want to do so, you should probably arrive early (say 6:30pm), to allow time for ordering, eating, and socializing, before the main focus of the meeting.   There won't be a formal program, but there will be trip reports, announcements of upcoming trips and events, and the usual caving BS, with an occasional show-and-tell.

Check out the Cafe's Web-site for a map, menu, prices, and other information.

Directions to the Hard Times Cafe, from the Beltway:

  1. Take Exit 36, Old Georgetown Road, toward Bethesda.
  2. After about 2.2 miles turn left on Delray Avenue (between two traffic lights at Merchant Tire).
  3. The Hard Times Cafe is about half a block down Delray Ave on the right side.

There is metered parking on the streets, although sometimes the nearest vacancy is 2-blocks away.   Also, there is metered parking in the County garage across the street, where the upper levels charge less per hour and don't have the 2-hour limit of the first two levels (or the street).

Don't neglect your parking meter, even in the evening.   Lovely Rita is frighteningly efficient.

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