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Hi folks,

The Old Timers Reunion (OTR) is held each Labor Day weekend near 
Elkins, West Virginia.  About 1,800 cavers attend to socialize, party, 
and maybe even go caving.  OTR is a membership event and you must be a 
member of The Robertson Association (TRA) in order to avoid the 
onerous hassles and fees required to attend as a guest.  Membership in 
TRA is open ONLY to actual cavers.

The information below was recently posted on the OTR Web site and may 
be of interest if you are not already a TRA member.

Bob Hoke

If you are a caver and have been putting off submitting your TRA 
membership, now is the time to do it! For a limited time only, TRA is 
offering a discount on registration for this year's reunion (OTR 2010) 
when you become a TRA member.


Until July 31, 2010 your application process will be streamlined if 
you use the new 2010 EZ forms (see links below). The number of people 
needed to sponsor you is reduced, and at OTR you will be refunded your 
$10 membership fee*.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Submit a completed 2010 EZ member application (see link below)
    along with $10*, and proof of age or copy of your driver's

2. Ask your sponsor(s) to complete the "2010 EZ Sponsor Application"
    and send it in (see the link below).

3. You will receive in the mail your new TRA card, and a coupon
    good for $10 off registration* at OTR this year.

It's as simple as that. As far as who to sponsor you, you can have two 
regular TRA members or 1 Active TRA Board member.

* Junior and Family dependents who are over 18 may upgrade to regular 
member at no charge, but you will not receive the $10 discount coupon 
toward OTR 2010 Registration.

Send your completed form to:
   Scott E. Baker, TRA Membership Secretary
   5470 Logan-Thornville Road NE
   Rushville, Ohio 43150

Please contact Scott via email, in advance if you have any questions.

Note: Applicant and sponsor forms may be sent in separate mailings to 
speed the application process.

Links to the forms:
2010 EZ TRA Membership Application and Upgrade:

2010 EZ TRA Sponsor Application:

For more information please see .

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