Bat Ranch Caving Trip


Friday May 11 - 13


For those who may have missed the first DCG calendar announcement, I am organizing a trip to the Bat Ranch the weekend of May 11-13.  The Bat Ranch is a location owned by VPI caver Mike Newsome.  It is in prime location with 3 caves within walking distance and numerous others a short drive away.  The property also offers hiking trails, and close proximity to the New River.  Bat Ranch is the property where Mike lives, which includes his house, a barn, an old RV, a hot tub, a fire pit, and large field for camping.  It’s located just west of Blacksburg, VA. 


For those interested, the weekend will consist of socializing around the camp fire and of course, Caving!  Anyone attending can arrive to the Bat Ranch anytime after lunch on Friday, May 11, and depart anytime on Sunday, May 13.  I am organizing this trip as a “bring your own beer and food”.  Most cavers are generous individuals who usually bring enough to share.  Personally, I always have spare vodka (until Scott Versteegh gets a hold of it!). 


The accommodations are primitive with the exception of Mike’s house, which is known to be opened up to visits of reasonably sized groups.  In those instances, he allows visitors to use the restroom and kitchen.  Warning, you may leave his house with a domestic pet(s) (Amy Coren has been a victim of this).  The only suggested fee will be a small donation for fuel to heat the hot tub.


Please email if you have any questions.  If you’re planning on going, or even contemplating going, send me an email.  I want to get a full list of everyone interested.  This will permit me to start a thread answering specific questions relevant to everyone attending.   If you have already told me in person that you are going (Hillary Sadoff), please shoot me an email anyways.  This will better allow me to keep track of everyone interested.  The email can be as simple as one word, “going”, or “contemplating”; please ensure Bat Ranch May 11-13 is in the subject line, or I won’t know what the hell you’re talking about. J


Hope to see you there,


Adam Lake