2018 Baltimore Grotto Pumpkin Hunt

Happening: October 27, 2018 (Sat.)

Hi folks -

Once again, teams of intrepid cavers will gather at Thorn Spring Park in Franklin, WV to hunt for the Great Pumpkin on the last Saturday in October. Teams will spend the day racing safely around Pendleton County, solving brain-busting puzzles, & looking for blocks in caves & other interesting places. At the end of the Hunt, there will be a costume party with appropriate Halloween snacks & beverages. See the attached flyer for the event.

WHERE: Thorn Spring Park, Franklin, WV - I bet all the cabins are booked by Hunt Teams, but camping is available.

WHEN: Sat, Oct 27, 2018 - sign in at 8AM, Hunt starts at 9AM.

WHO: You! Form your own team or come down & join an existing team.

WHAT TO BRING: Your own caving gear (helmet, 3 sources of light, extra batteries, boots with lug soles, gloves, knee pads, coveralls or old clothes, pack, snacks, & hydration fluids). Your finely-tuned brain capable of solving dastardly clues written & tested by the crazy Huntmasters, Team BatNutz.

WHY: Why not? What else do you have to do that's so important? Homework or work-work will still be there when you get home on Sunday.

Questions? Just ask & someone will try to provide an answer.

Kim Fleischmann <kfleisch@juno.com>
Baltimore Grotto

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