PSC summer canoe trip

August 5, 2017 (Sat)

The Potomac Speleological Club is organizing a canoeing trip to the "Trough" in West Virginia for the weekend of August 5. We will be staying at the the PSC fieldhouse in Smoke Hole, near Upper Tract. There will be plenty of great swimming and a group meal on Saturday night. Anyone is welcome to come!

We will spend Friday night at the PSC fieldhouse, then leave about 8 a.m. for Eagle's Nest Outfitters in Petersburg, where we'll pay for our canoes. The outfitter will shuttle us to the put-in spot, normally the Old Fields Bridge. We'll meet downstream at the Trough store at 4 p.m., where the outfitter will pick us up. Along the way, the river passes through an 800-foot-deep gorge. There is a scenic railway along the way, but no roads and few houses. There are a lot of deep spots with lots of opportunity for swimming, and we should see some bald eagles.

On Saturday night, I plan to roast some sausages and hot dogs and make some fresh corn, etc. If you have not been to the PSC fieldhouse in Smokehole, this is a great chance to see it. The house is alone in a valley and it is a great place for stargazing and socializing by the fire.

The cost for the canoes is $89 per canoe. Assuming two people per canoe, that would be $44.50 each. There is also a deposit for the canoe, but you will not be charged unless you lose the canoe. (I don't think that three people per canoe would work due to the water levels this time of year.) It is possible to reserve a canoe for $30 but the lady at the outfitter told me that there is no chance that all the canoes will be rented out.

If you would like to attend, let me know by July 31. I will reserve a canoe for you and include you in the dinner.

--Pete Penczer

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